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Τα αποτελέσματα της αναζήτησής σας

Νομικές Συμβουλές

Our office collaborates with a team of experienced professionals who have expertise in local and foreign customers as well as customers from outside the European Community who seek to acquire the Golden Visa. Legal advice is provided on all aspects of the buying or selling process, rental agreements, in residential, commercial, low and high industry as well as advise on how to acquire properties from public auctions. Some of the major areas of legal advice are as follows:

  1. An in-depth inquiry and cross reference of property titles at the Land Registry at the start of the buying process and at the end, before the final deeds.
  2. Finalization of untied legal matters concerning the titles of properties at the Land Registry Office. A common example would be a property that has not been registered by its owners and shows up as a “no name” property.
  3. Money orders issued by the court for cases of non-cooperative tenants. Cases include rental debts, shared building expenses, evictions, etc.
  4. Hereditary issues and property management during the process.
  5. Property deeds, pre-agreements before final property deeds and physical presence at the notary as the law requires it in Greece. All property deeds must be read by the notary, understood by the client (here applies the presence of a qualified lawyer) and signed by both the seller and the buyer.

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